"The Climb"

Before starting this meditation, get yourself into a comfortable position. Feel free to keep a notebook nearby so you can write down anything that keeps popping into your mind. Write it down so you can release it and get deep into the meditation. 

Begin with taking a couple deep deeps breaths. Breathe in for 4 counts. At the top of the breath breathe out for 4 counts. Gently close your eyes. Continue this pattern for as long as it takes you to feel centered. Maybe a minute or two. Maybe this is enough for your meditation practice at this moment.  Feel what's right for you today at this moment. When you are centered, lets begin. 

Picture yourself arriving at the trailhead. In the distance beyond the trees, you see the peak that is your destination.  Its power and beauty illuminates the sky line. You have prepared well for this journey and are ready to take your first step into the woods. Notice the path on which you are walking upon. With each step you connect deeply to the earth. The dust and mud from the trail begin to cover your boots. One step in front of the other you move. Always moving upward and onward. You feel strong and confident. You notice your breath. Inhaling and exhaling. Filling your lungs with pure fresh air. You look up from the trail to gaze at the trees. The trees help shade you from the warm day sun. You notice the bright green moss along the dark textured bark. You reach out to steady yourself with a branch. A breeze pics up and dances its way through the leaves. You notice the peaceful song that this breeze awakens through the leaves. With each passing breeze you grow more connected with the earth. Breathing in and breathing out. 

This path has taken you through the trees to a crystal clear river. The water sparkles in the hot noon sun. You decide to rest here for a while. You remove your dirt powdered shoes and rinse your feet in the cool water. The water rinses away the dirt while helping to refresh your tired feet. The water slithers through your toes. You observe the creative ways the water splashes against the rocks and glides against the shoreline. You soak up the noon sun and notice how its warmth brings you deeper and more connected to this space. You are in this moment. You take a deep inhale for 4 counts and exhale for 4 counts. Breathing in again and out again. Feel free to stay in this space as long as it serves you. Let the water rejuvenate your spirit and rinse away anything that no longer serves you.

You decide to continue on your journey. You can see the summit growing closer and closer. You begin to traverse up the sides of the drainage. With each switchback you get closer and closer to the ridgeline. You start to rise above the forest below. You are able to look out on how far you have come already. Feeling proud of yourself. With each step you made this journey possible. You make it to the saddle of the ridge and at this point you begin to travel off trail. Scattered wind torn trees block your view of your destination. You hike through them and notice their silver like glow. Though they seem spiny and sharp you notice the beauty they offer to this landscape. You notice the way the wind has twisted and spun these trees into  works of art. One step in front of the other you keep hiking. 

You have made it to the boulder and talus field below the summit. One by one you climb over the boulders. You notice how your boots connect to the rock. The rock helps grip your boot and steady you on this climb. Its getting harder now but you are so close to your destination. The skyline is open and you can look out on the vast mountain range you are climbing. There are few clouds and the sky is rich and blue. The sun is warm and energizing. The air is crisp and clean. You notice a small footpath through the boulders made by the many hikers who have come before you. You traverse upward and onward. Breathing in and breathing out. You are so close now. One foot in front of the other you climb. With the final last push you make it. The summit. You can feel the wind soaring through your hair. You can feel the sun beating down on your back. You can feel the rock beneath your feet. You can feel the sweat pouring down your face. You look out onto the landscape with awe. The beauty of the landscape overtakes you. You give thanks for this moment and this space. You honor your own light and give thanks for your inner strength. You breath in, you breathe out. You made it. 

Stay in this place as long as you would like. Breathing in and breathing out. 

When you are ready, open your eyes.