Sean and I met in the fall of 2003. We both attended Minnesota State University Moorhead for Art Education. Oddly enough we both dropped that major by the end of our college careers. Though we knew each other, we didn't become a couple until 2008. In our now 10 years together we have lived in four different states. Hiked hundreds of miles. Summited over 10 peaks. Floated in multiple rivers. Cross country skied on the best and worst snow. Camped completely unprepared. Enjoyed countless bonfires and laughed about a million times. Oh and we also created a beautiful little girl name Lova. 

From young children we were both interested in nature. Though our paths and experience with the outdoors was vastly different, our love for getting out helped bring us closer together. Sean is much more of a risk taker then myself. I am deathly afraid of heights and get worried about things like bears and flying off a ridgeline. Thanks to Sean's will and drive I have been able to get out of my comfort zone and push myself beyond what I thought was possible. Thanks to my stubbornness and ability to walk very long distances with a rock in my shoe, we have gotten to our destinations before dark and have seen the humor in bad situations. 

Two active people like ourselves need a lot of food to help fuel our adventuring. Thankfully we both LOVE good food. Sean is the cook and I am the baker. Sean has spent years working in kitchens and has taken that knowledge to our own kitchen. This guy can whip up a tasty healthy meal from what seems like an empty fridge. He has taught me to trust my cooking instincts and to just try things if it sounds good. We believe that if you want to get healthy and have it last, you must learn some basics about cooking. Cooking together is a form of communication and fun for our family. Eating together is a highlight of our day. We find food to be healing and also entertaining. Food should be celebrated and not vilified. 

We hope that this site sparks an interest for outdoor play, adventure, and healthy eating. Life is too short to sit around and get tired. Use the body you were given to have fun! Treat it well and it will treat you well.

To learn more about my personal struggles with food and my path to wellness click here- Mychal's Wellness Path

Peace and love xoxox