Natural Connections

Bitterroots Mountains, MT

Bitterroots Mountains, MT

Being out in nature is such a powerful experience. I find it both grounding and enlightening. Being out in nature helps me relax. Through this relaxation comes more energy. Being able to disconnect from distractions opens my mind to more creative thoughts. When I am in nature I don't feel judged which helps me be my true self. Nothing feels better than being your authentic self. 

Below are some of my favorite ways to connect with nature. Each element has it's own powerful properties. You may find that you connect with one element more than another. Feel free to journal about your experiences with nature to gain greater insight to yourself. 


  • Connecting with the earth element helps to promote grounding, growth, confidence, stability,  overcoming fear, and connections. 
  • Take a walk/hike/run in a forest
  • Take off your shoes and walk in the dirt/mud/sand. Let your feet really feel the earth. Let that mud squish between your toes!
  • Garden. Get lost in the pulling of weeds. Get your hands dirty. Sing/talk to your plants. 
  • Climb/boulder. Feel yourself connecting to the rock. 
  • Go rock collecting
  • Lay in the grass
  • Pick wildflowers
  • Make something from nature. Did you know you can use cattails to make stuffing for pillows and blankets? Baskets from pine needles? Dolls from cattail reeds? So much fun. You will also find once you use nature and give thanks for it's use you will find more of the tool/ingredients you are looking for. They key is to only take what you need and give thanks and give back to the earth. 
  • Make herbal sachets or charms
  • Go berry picking or edible plant harvesting
  • Go mushroom picking
  • Do yoga outside
  • Use your local parks and trails
  • Try outdoor activities like mountain biking, cross country skiing and backpacking


  • Connection with the air element helps tp promote knowledge, intuition, compassion, new beginnings, and change.
  • Do activities that use wind like sailing and flying a kite
  • Hike/climb to a high point and let the wind blow through your hair and limbs. 
  • Mediate ad focus on your breath
  • Go for a walk on a windy day
  • Hang up wind chimes
  • Play the harmonica
  • Light incense and watch the smoke dance in the air
  • Meditate in the open fresh air


  • Connection to the fire element helps promote desire, power, vitality, transformation, passion and energy
  • Wake with the morning sun
  • Let then sun warm your skin ( with proper eye and skin protection)
  • Build a bonfire and get lost in the dancing flames
  • Read a book by a fire
  • Light a candle
  • Do yoga outside with the rising or noon sun. Perhaps a sun salutation flow or core flow. 
  • Sit and appreciate a sunset
  • Dance around the campfire
  • Do a supervised fire walk
  • Visit a volcano/lava bed
  • Mediate with a candle burning
  • Mediate during a sunrise or sunset
  • Journal things you want to transform/change. Burn the paper and notice the thoughts being released and transformed. ( My fav local psychic and spiritual teacher taught me this. Her name is Jodie Harvala. Check her out!)


  • Connection to the water element helps promote creativity, emotions, flow, passions, fertility, purification, and cleansing.
  • Go swimming in a lake or river
  • Soak your feet in a stream
  • Visit a waterfall. Get as close as you safely can so you are able to feel its power and energy
  • Visit some tide pools
  • Take a walk by the ocean
  • Try flow yoga. One of my favorite teachers is Shiva Rea. She has lots of DVD's and yoga flows that use the idea of water. 
  • Take a walk in the rain
  • Safely watch a thunderstorm. Notice the energy before and after the storm
  • Go puddle jumping
  • Meditate near water
  • Try our a kayak, canoe, or stand up paddle board