Consider Your Energy

Consider YOUR energy. What kind of energy do you bring into a room?  Are you the type of person that shows up optimistic and positive or negative and defeated? I ask this because I am not sure if people realize that the energy they bring into a space has a frequency. This frequency has the potential to change things. Change other people's energy. Change people's experiences. Change the outcome of a day. It can shift negative situations into positive ones. It can change positive situations into negative ones. 

Have you ever walked into someone's house after they have had a heated argument? Have you ever walked into work after a busy rush and noticed a heavy murky vibe? Have you every been around someone who is so negative that being around them shifts your energy downward. Have you every been around a group of people who feel so defeated and angry that you find yourself completely drained and hopeless? On the flip side have you entered a space that makes you feel free and light? Have you been around people that lift your spirits and leave you feeling ignited? This is the energy frequency I am talking about. 

We are all responsible for the energy we bring into a room. Sure, we all have bad days. We all have periodic stressful life events. Everyone is granted a few bad days. What I want you to think about is, how is your energy most days? Does something in your life need to change for you to be in a better place energetically? Are you always tired? Do you find yourself always feeling defeated and angry? If so try some of these helpful tips to shift your energy back to a place of light and positivity. 

  • Get active. Do whatever activity bring you joy and helps you be "in the moment". A while back our car was broken down so both Sean and I were biking to and from work. We both found that we showed up to work in a better mood and were able to "bike out" our frustrations from work before we got home. This meant we didn't vent our poor days  out onto each other. We rather just enjoyed being off work together.  What started out of necessity quickly became just how we got to work. Even after our car was fixed. 
  • Change location. Perhaps someone in one part of the office is having a real shitty day. This frequency may be grabbing hold of you and affecting how you see the day. Do you need to take a walk to reset?  Can you take your work to another part of the office? Can you go work in another area for a bit? Maybe leave the office for lunch. Do you just need to go to your car and rock out to your favorite song for a bit?  Getting out of the space to let yourself reset  can be so very helpful. 
  • Perspective. Just know that sometimes situations are just going to be the way they are. We can only control so much. Sometimes we can't change a situation we can only try and get through it. Its all about perspective. If we handle every single little issue like its a HUGE issue we will run out of energy quickly. Take a step back and breathe. Maybe take a few deep breaths.  Take one step forward, then another.  If you feel overwhelmed others will begin to feel overwhelmed. Make a to do list. Know you are only one person and sometimes things have to wait. Situations will get handled even if the outcome looks grim at the moment. Are you focusing on the negative things in life over the positive? You would be surprised how quickly your energy can change if you just shift your perspective. 
  • Journal. Holding in thoughts and feelings can take its toll on your energy. We are feeling beings. We were given emotions for a reason. Express them! Expressing yourself to others can be difficult. I have found that a journal is a great tool to express my woes and happiness. It gets the feelings out in a safe and non judgmental way. If you need a more intensive and interactive way to work through your feelings consider counseling. I believe everyone can benefit from a good counseling session. Its a great way to gain perspective and get effective tools to deal with what's limiting you in life. 
  • Own what's yours, toss what isn't. Now this takes some practice. Being able to understand whether you are bringing positive or negative energy to a room takes time. Often I have to ask myself   "why am I feeling all anxious and angry? I wasn't angry when I got here." When I have these moments I am able to realize that it's other people's energy frequencies affecting my own. At this point I try and focus on positive things and toss the negative energy out. I own what energy I have and toss out what isn't mine. It's very easy to be dragged down by others frequencies. Negativity loves company. Shifting your energy may help lighten the room and shift other peoples energy. Remember your energy has a frequency! What frequency do you want it to have? 
  • Treat yourself.  Life is difficult. Life is stressful. We have a lot of people counting on us. If you are not taking care of yourself how do you expect to have enough energy to give to others. You WILL burn out. Treat yourself to some YOU time. Take a bubble bath. Get a massage. Have some energy work like Reiki done. Share a bottle of wine. Go out with people who lift your spirits. Diffuse some essential oils. Meditate. DO WHAT BRINGS YOU HAPPINESS! You are worthy. That's right. YOU ARE WORTHY!

I hope you have enjoyed some of the energy tips. More will be on their way. Feel free to share some of your own tips with me. Here is to making today wonderful. xoxox peace and love. 


Be the light~

Be the light~

Mychal Lynn