Affirmations are a great way to stream focus and gain mindfulness. I like to use them during mediation as well as during workouts. I find they help calm my busy mind and turn my thoughts toward positivity rather than negativity. When I find I am struggling with self-love/body image I use more affirmations geared toward self-love. When I am stressed about the ups and downs with life, I use affirmations geared towards acceptance and trust. Here are a few affirmations that I use regularly. Feel free to use them or adapt them to come up with your own.



o   I have faith in what is and what will be.

o   I trust in what is and what will be

o   I’m happy, I’m healthy, I look good, I feel good

o   I welcome abundance and accept it’s many forms

o   I am thankful for what is and what will be

o   Thank you for all that I have, all that I have had, and all that I will have

o   I breathe in love and exhale doubt

o   I have faith in the future

o   I am love. I exude love